Recreatiegebied de Grevelingen

Slikken van Bommenede

The Slikken van Bommenede area (north of Zonnemaire on Schouwen-Duiveland) covers 90 hectares. This location became dry land after Lake Grevelingen was closed off, and features several shallow inlets that allow the salty water of Lake Grevelingen to penetrate deep into the land. A recreation area is located on the north side.

The Slikken van Bommenede area offers not only interesting flora, but the mudflats are also very important for fauna, such as birds, mammals, reptiles and insects. The low level means that large parts of the area are regularly flushed with salt water. As a result, the vegetation consists mainly of salt-loving plants such as glasswort, sea blite and sea asters. Cows graze here in the summer months.

Map of Slikken van Bommenede


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