Recreatiegebied de Grevelingen


(area 150 hectares)

Stampersplaat is a rather flat, low-lying sand bar, northeast of Brouwers Harbour. The landscape of Stampersplaat is very similar to a park, and also features areas of thickets. Some relief was obtained by planting sand-drift screens after the closure of the Grevelingen in 1971.

There is a sloping shore area on the west side that eventually turns into a mudflat area, where salt-loving vegetation such as glasswort and sea milkwort grow. Shetland ponies graze year round on the island. As a result, large parts of the island are kept open to create interesting vegetation. Certain areas on the island are also mowed regularly to prevent the growth of dense thickets.

The south side of the island offers a landing stage and a harbour for water sports.

Map of Stampersplaat


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