Recreatiegebied de Grevelingen


(area ± 310 hectares)

The area is located south of the villages of Ouddorp and Goedereede. The island was already a favourite of nature lovers before Lake Grevelingen was closed off from the sea, because of the regular appearance of a wide variety of shorebirds, such as the sandwich tern. Sadly, the former nesting area on Hompelvoet is now deserted. A new island at the west point of Hompelvoet was created in 2007/2008, in order to create an attractive nesting area for shorebirds.

Hompelvoet has transformed into an island with large, open, flower-filled plains and rugged thickets. A number of exceptional plant species are found here, including several included on the Red List (rare, or even threatened by extinction). A remarkable find a few years back was the Autumn Lady’s-tresses orchid. This type of orchid is found only at two locations in the Netherlands.

Fjord horses graze year round on Hompelvoet. Cows and calves join the horses from mid-May to mid-November. The island is not accessible during the breeding season (15 March to 15 August). The only inhabitant of the island during this time is a bird watcher, who observes and counts the birds. This person also studies the area’s flora.

In the autumn, excursions are offered to the island for interested parties. (See the Excursions section for dates).


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