Recreatiegebied de Grevelingen


Surfing is allowed at the Brouwers Dam on Kabbelaarsbank, Punt van Goeree and the Grevelingen Dam (Grevelingen Dam beach). Showers and public toilets are available for use. There is a parking area right next to the shore.

Surfing lessons are offered at Kabbelaarsbank and the Grevelingen Dam:

Brouwers Dam Surf Centre
Tel. +31 (0)111 - 671480

Kite surfing (surfing using a kite with air chambers attached to ropes) is not allowed in the Grevelingen area.

Strandpaviljoen Meerzicht (Grevelingen Dam beach)
Tel. +31 (0)111 - 482695

Brouwers Dam Surf Centre (Surfcentrum Brouwersdam)
Tel. +31 (0)111 - 671480

Paid parking
Visitors must pay for parking at the Grevelingen Dam beach and Kabbelaarsbank (Brouwers Dam). Parking must be paid from 1 April to 31 October from 8:00 to 18:00.

You can pay for parking using:

  • A credit card
  • A prepaid card


  • First hour: € 0.60 (€ 0.10 per 10 min.)
  • Subsequent hours: € 1.20 (€ 0.20 per 10 min.)
  • Up to a maximum of: € 4.00 per day
  • Annual parking pass: € 35.00 available for purchase 

If a parking attendant observes that you have not paid for parking, you will be fined € 46.00.


Natuur- en Recreatieschap Zuidwestelijke Delta p/a Staatsbosbeheer
Overschieseweg 204,
3112 NB Schiedam
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