Recreatiegebied de Grevelingen

High-speed boating

High-speed boating
The Inland Waterways Police Regulations (Binnenvaart Politie Reglement - BPR) apply for the lake. The maximum speed limit is 15 km per hour.

The Inland Waterways Police Regulations (Binnenvaart Politie Reglement - BPR) applies for Lake Grevelingen. These regulations include rules for sailing with high-speed motor boats and water skis. The Provincial Environmental Ordinance (Provinciale Milieuverordening - PMV) also applies for the part of Lake Grevelingen located in Zeeland. Water scooters are not permitted in this part of the lake.
A maximum speed of 15 km per hour is allowed on Lake Grevelingen.

General rules for high-speed motor boats

  • Do not sail within 20 m of the shore, unless indicated by sign.
  • Do not sail within 50 m of a swimming or mooring area.
  • Do not sail near competitions, water parties, demonstrations, etc.
  • Do not sail near swimmers or beach visitors.
  • Do not sail if visibility is less than 500 m.
  • Do not sail in a harbour or harbour entrance.
  • Do not sail between sunset and sunrise.

Rules from the Inland Waterways Police Regulations for high-speed motor boats

  • The driver of a high-speed motorboat must be competent, at least 18 years of age, and possess a valid Limited Watercraft Licence (Klein Vaarbewijs) I or II, or a similar foreign diploma recognised in the Netherlands.
  • According to Article 8.04, drivers of high-speed motor boats must not interfere with or form a danger for other users of the water. The boat’s motor must not cause any unnecessary sound pollution, and should not idle unnecessarily when the boat is stopped.
  • The boat must have a registration license and a registration certificate. The certificate can be issued by the RDW, the Centre for Vehicle Technology and Information: RDW (Centrum voor voertuigtechniek en informatie, PO Box 30,000, 9640 RA Veendam. Tel: +31(0)598 - 699241.
  • Article 8.03 sets out rules that apply to the boat’s design and equipment (such as a safe motor, life jackets, a proper steering mechanism, an emergency switch, a fire extinguisher and soundproofing).

Marking and location of the water ski and water scooter areas
In the Grevelingen, high-speed boating areas are marked with yellow buoys.

  • A sailing area is marked some 150 m from the Brouwers Dam, between Springersdiep Harbour and Marina Port Zelande (map 1). High-speed boating and water scooters are permitted in this area, but water skiing is not allowed.
  • There is also a marked area next to the eastern beach of the previous water scooter area. High-speed boating and water skiing are permitted, but water scooters are not allowed in this location.
  • A marked area is situated next to the Grevelingen Dam (about 250 m from the boat ramp there) (map 2). High-speed boating and water skiing are permitted here, but water scooters are not allowed.
    For more information: Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management, Department of Public Works, Zeeland directorate, PO Box 5014, 4330 KA Middelburg Tel. +31(0)118 - 686 000



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