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Dock dues regulation

Dock dues regulation (General Regulation)
A dock dues regulation applies to the use public mooring spaces from 1 April until 1 November. The costs of cleaning and maintaining these public facilities cannot be fully covered by public tax funds. The dock dues regulation was created to have users of public mooring spaces and landing stages also contribute to these costs.

There are three rates:

  • Seven-day pass € 12,50
    This card is valid for seven calendar days starting on the date it was stamped. This pass must be placed in a visible location on the boat.
  • Season pass € 49
    This card is valid from 1 April to 31 October and must be placed in a visible location on the boat. Season pass holders are also given a small flag that must be hung on the ship’s mast. This allows the inspector to see at a distance whether the owner of the boat has a season pass.

Violation of the dock dues regulation
If you cannot show a valid pass or flag upon inspection, you will be charged an additional fee by the inspector.

Dock passes are available at the following locations 


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Overschieseweg 204,
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