Recreatiegebied de Grevelingen

Three-day rule

Three/five-day rule (General Regulations)

In addition to the dock dues rule, the three/five-day rule applies to the public mooring spaces in the Grevelingen. What this entails is that, outside the marinas, a boat may moor in the same place for a maximum of three days (anchoring is also considered mooring). After a maximum of three days, the boat must be moved at least 1000 metres (as the crow files), and that boat may not stay at any mooring space within this 1000 metres for the following five days.

The three-day rule aims to prevent water sport enthusiasts from using the public mooring spaces as a permanent mooring location. The three-day rule also ensures a good movement of boats among the mooring spaces, so that the best places are not always occupied by the same water sports enthusiasts.


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