Recreatiegebied de Grevelingen

Public mooring spaces

Public mooring spaces
Various mooring spaces and landing stages are available at various locations throughout Lake Grevelingen. There are also three specially designed water sport islands. These offer rubbish containers and public toilets, also at the landing stages on the mainland. In most cases, visitors can take walks or enjoy other types of daytrips. At the public mooring spaces on the natural islands, the facilities available are limited to rubbish containers and public toilets during the high season.

  1. Water sport island Ossenhoek
  2. Water sport island Archipel
  3. Water sport island Mosselbank
  4. Landing stage De Punt van Goeree
  5. Harbour Springersdiep
  6. Harbour Middelplaat
  7. Harbour Middelplaat (landing quay)
  8. Landing stage Dwars in de weg
  9. Landing stage Stampersplaat
  10. Harbour Stampersplaat
  11. Landing stage Veermansplaat
  12. Landing stage Slikken van Flakkee
  13. Harbour van Bommenede
  14. Landing stage Grevelingen Dam
  15. Landing stage Hompelvoet
  16. Harbour West Repart

A number of rules apply to the use of these mooring spaces (see the regulations for the full text) and dock dues must be paid.


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